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ThiThis is for ONE (1) spot of a 36 spot chance game, 35 spots will be sold and 1 spot will be given away, FRE, to one person, no purchace neccesary. If one person buys all (35) spots They will be the automatic winner, no NPN spot will be given. for the price of roughly 1 booster pack you will be entered into a Random/race/death wheel, which the winner will be awarded this SEALED Mew and Mewtwo gx tin, When checking out select HOLD order, only the Winner will be responsible for shipping, If you want the product OPENED on stream please put in the notes OPEN IT, if you open it you will get a 10% overall refund of all spots sold for you providing use with content, only one person can win all other spots will get nothing, but knowing the help a fellow community member add such a great anew piece to there collection. any questions please ask before purchasing thanks for the support 

SEALED Mew & Mewtwo gx Tin Chance Game

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