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winner take all box battle, Limit 2 entries per person/household (unless we struggle to fill I will let you know if you can buy more) winner gets EVERYTHING, so do not buy in if you are not willing to LOSE your hit!! WINNER is declared by best ONE hit in pack ( not pack addded together just 1 hit)  The value will only be declared by TCG player market value, if a tie, it goes to who has second best hit value out of that pack if still tie it goes to duck race... Select hold order for shipping, if you win, you will then have it sent out when you pay for any other shipping, THIS BATTLE IS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR BOUNTY, but will go towards any buyer giveaway that may occur GOODLUCK !!!!  THANKS Poke N Fun WILL RUN NEXT stream or when fills!!! 

Champions Path ETB box BATTLE 2

$9.00 Regular Price
$7.25Sale Price
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